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I help athletes improve their

Endurance & Performance

I am a physical trainer specializing in conditioning & breathing work for any sportsman, athlete or coach who wishes to optimize their practice. From CrossFitⓇ to Combat Sports and Endurance Sports (Cycling, Running, Triathlon, Swimming, etc.), the principles of endurance apply in all disciplines.

Thanks to my training programs and physiological profiling, I support you and help you achieve your goals.

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Knowledge and Performance

At Upside Strength, we want to help you boost your performance… But that’s not all!

We also know that knowledge is power. That’s why we also help you better understand all aspects of exercise physiology. Whether you want to understand how VO2max works or find out more about lactate testing for athletes, you’ve come to the right place!

And because you can’t perform without being healthy, we’ll also help you maximize your well-being and nutrition.

Programs for Athletes

Develop Your Endurance & Breathing Performance


Bike ENDURE 3.0 - Endurance & Recuperation

Accelerate your recovery, increase your work capacity and boost your endurance with this training program (Version 3.0). Over the weeks, you will explore several intensities of effort (Tempo, Threshold, Fundamental Endurance) which will improve your physical condition and support your sporting goals. It's time to get the fitness you deserve!

Bike Power Program Upside Strength

Bike POWER - Power & VO2max

Boost your high-intensity performance with this Bike POWER training program. During the 12 weeks of the program, you will explore several effort intensities (Neuromuscular Power, Long Sprints, VO2max Training, Fundamental Endurance) which will allow you to perform better on your short efforts (10 seconds to 15 minutes) in your sport.

Upside Strength Respiratory training

Introduction to Respiratory Training with Breathe Way Better

This respiratory training program will accompany you during your first 10 weeks of practice with the Breathe Way Better (BWB)*. This will include your specific BWB training sessions as well as a new lesson each week to help you explore and harness the full potential of your respiratory system.


What Our Athletes Say About Training Programs

Philippecycliste teste profilage
"I carried out an advanced physiological test with Sean 1 month ago to know more precisely my two physiological thresholds in order to subsequently optimize my training. He is very professional and leaves nothing to chance. The protocol is well done and I feel that Sean knows his work perfectly. With this test, I have since been able to better control my training and above all, not overdo it when that is not the goal in order to stay fresh when necessary. I highly recommend it to those who want to push the optimization of their training further. Many thanks for your time and availability. Sean is always accessible if you have any questions."
Alex Endure Program review
"First, numbers, +20 watts on the 20-minute BikeErg. Level sensations, mentally much stronger. For CrossFit®️, much more speed and gas, transitions are shorter thanks to faster bpm coming down and increased lactic 'resistance'. A much more effective recovery with this famous zone 2 post-session and in active recovery session. If I had to summarize, better performance, improved recovery, and reduced transitions…. Anyway, what are you waiting for to start ;)"
Crossfit® Athlete & Coach
"Frankly, it does me a lot of good, I feel it more and more. I feel like I have had easier WOD transitions over the past few weeks. Then, on the recovery, my bpm comes down quite quickly directly after a WOD even while climbing to 175bpm. As I told you, I also saw an improvement in my road bike outings, on the intensity that I can give, on the flat or even uphill, as well as on the length. Concretely with the real tests, we see that there is an evolution. I started with the 20 minutes a few months ago at 290w then 311 in August and 331w at the end of September. So thanks!! I feel fit and ready for the season!! It is the best!! 👊🏼👊🏼
CrossFit® Athlete
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