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Endurance Training

No matter what sport you coach, endurance is an essential quality for your athletes, clients & patients. Through my seminars and training, I support hundreds of coaches to help them understand and apply the fundamental principles of endurance and breathing.

If you want to understand how you can help your athletes to be more efficient, more endurant, and to breathe better, Upside Strength is here to support you.

Sean Seale

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Courses for Coaches

Develop Your Knowledge and Coaching Skills

Understanding Physiological Thresholds and Training Zones

This course is aimed at personal trainers, coaches, and physiotherapists who wish to gain a better understanding of the concepts of physiological thresholds and training zones. With over 190 slides organized into 4 modules, you'll come away with an overview that will enable you to understand and contextualize all the information available in 2023 around endurance training in different sports.


What coaches trained by Upside Strength say...​

"The course is very concise and at the same time very dense. The content is of excellent quality and very well presented. Bravo, the result is very good and to be recommended to those who are interested in their sport and sport in general."
"Thank you Sean for this course. The content is thorough yet well-simplified. Everything there is to know about the theoretical foundations of physiological thresholds and training zones is detailed. Well done, I look forward to your next courses!"
Personal Trainer
Mathieu Upside Strength Review
"I've just finished Sean's online course, and it's exceptional! It summarizes everything you need to understand and master the basics of intensity prescription."
Sports Scientist
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