Use this free tool for your running pace calculations. This calculator allows you to convert different speeds, distances, paces and running times in order to plan your races and your training sessions. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned runner, this pace calculator will become your new secret weapon!

Why Use a Pace Calculator?

Running is an extremely popular and accessible sport. However, it is sometimes difficult to understand the relationship between running distances, running times, and running paces. This calculator allows you to determine average speeds over different key distances (5km, 10km, half-marathon, marathon and more) or simply to plan different training sessions with more precision.

pace calculator for running

What kind of speed calculation is possible with this pace calculator?

Calculate your Running Time

Determine how long it will take you to run a certain distance at a given running pace. For example, find out how long a 10km run will take you if you run at 12 km/h.

Running Distance

Running Pace (min/km)

Running Distance

Running Pace (km/h)

Calculate your Running Speed

Determine how fast you need to run to complete a race or distance in a given time. For example, find the speed needed to run a half marathon in less than two hours.

Run Time

Running Distance

Calculate your Running Distance

Determine how far you will run if you know your pace and run time. For example, find out how much distance you will cover running at 10 km/h for 35 minutes.

Running Time

Running Pace (min/km)

Running Time

Running Pace (km/h)

Pace chart for running

In this table you will find running speed references for different distances.

Running DistanceMen’s Average SpeedWomen’s Average Speed
100m37 km/h34 km/h
200m37 km/h34 km/h
400m33.5 km/h31 km/h
800m29 km/h26 km/h
1500m26 km/h24 km/h
3000m25 km/h22 km/h
5000m24 km/h21 km/h
10000m23 km/h21 km/h
Semi-Marathon22 km/h20 km/h
Marathon21 km/h19 km/h
Tableau d’allures de course à pied homme et femme sur différentes distances (Records du monde)

Speed-Duration relationship of world records in running

This graph shows the average speeds of men and women over different distances (world records).

What is the average running speed for a man?

Generally, from a base endurance (sometimes called zone 2) development perspective, men run between 8 and 10km/h. Good runners can run up to 12km/h in this training zone. Very good runners run up to 15km/h. Elite runners above 15km/h up to about 17km/h.

What is the average running speed for a woman?

Generally, from a base endurance development perspective, men run between 7 and 9km/h. Good runners can run up to 11km/h in this training zone. Very good runners run up to 14km/h. Elite runners can run above 14km/h up to about 16km/h.

Running time for 5km

Of course, race times vary depending on the gender and level of the person. In order to situate your performances on a scale ranging from a departmental to an international level, the French Athletics Federation (FFA) scales are of great help (,

Running Times for 5000mMenWomen
International< 13:25< 15:30

Running time for 10km

The 10km is without a doubt the flagship distance for the beginner in long-distance running. Many use it as their first running challenge. Already, succeeding in running a 10km in less than an hour represents an honorable performance for both men and women.

The FFA standards allow you to determine your level:

Running Times for 10000mMenWomen
International< 28:15<32:40

Running time for the half marathon

The half marathon is the first step to moving on to the premier distance of long-distance running. At the Valencia 2021 half marathon, the median time for men was 1h45:34 and for women 2h01:42 (

In addition to these results, the scales of the FFA allow you to situate your level:

Semi-Marathon TimesMenWomen

Running time for the marathon

The marathon, the ultimate distance, the myth of running. Almost every runner will want to run it one day. At the Valencia Marathon 2022, the scene of the third best world performance of all time for men by Kelvin Kiptum in 2h01.53, the median time for men was 3h31:36 and for women 3h59:16.


The scales of the FFA make it possible to locate your level:

Marathon TimesMenWomen

Ready to start running?

Running is a great way to improve your cardiovascular health, metabolic health, and mental health. Running can also increase your bone density, improve your immune function and help you better manage stress. However, it is also an activity that can lead to injury if not structured properly.

Author of the article – Max Walt

Maxime is a doctoral student in sport science, middle and long-distance coach, physical trainer, and national-level athlete. A specialist in endurance training, he coaches various athletes from regional to international levels.