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Upside Strength provides education and training for coaches

Improve your knowledge and build your skillset as a coach with Upside Strength. Learn about lactate testing, VO2 max testing, BikeErg & endurance training.

Take part in in-person workshops, and seminars, follow one of our performance training programs, or study through our online courses for coaches.

Sean from Upside Strength
Sean Seale


Upside Strength provides training programs, education, and testing for athletes

Boost your endurance performance as an athlete with Upside Strength. Assess your conditioning level and individualize your training. Perform a lactate test or a VO2 max test.

Use our training programs to improve your conditioning. Learn lactate testing and improve your respiratory performance with respiratory training.

Why Choose Upside Strength?

Sean from Upside Strength Testing CrossFit Athletes
Athlete testing in progress….

Almost 10 Years Of Experience

Certified and qualified to exceed your expectations

Through almost 10 years of experience in the fitness industry, Sean has coached thousands of hours with a wide range of individuals and athletes.

Sean has coached S&C in rugby teams, programmed for professional Mixed Modal athletes, consulted with national organisations around performance and sports technology, helped MMA fighters improve their conditioning, and more.

Effective Personal Training Methods

Stop wasting time on fitness fads and hearsay.

There are still many fitness myths that need to be busted. At Upside Strength, we base all our work on tried-and-true training principles to make sure that every program provides you with the best results possible.

Stop relying on cookie-cutter programs and invest in the best option for You!

The Best Education for Coaches

Thrive as a competent and respected professional

If you are a coach looking to take your career to the next level, you’ve come to the right place. At Upside Strength, we understand the importance of continuous learning and professional development in the fitness/sports industry. That’s why we offer a variety of educational resources to help coaches like you improve their skills and knowledge.

What Our Clients Say About Our Services

Sean is one of the best private trainers I’ve ever had. Competent, patient, perseverant, funny, he makes our sessions a true pleasure. He brings so much knowledge to the table and his approach to working with me, even with prior injuries, has given me strength, mobility, better technique and helped me regain confidence in my ability to exercise and lift weights without injuring myself again.

Noemie Crepeau – Personal Training Client

Sean is an excellent personal trainer who uses his extensive knowledge to put together a program that is perfect for your individual needs. He is very attentive of the details and always creates an environment where you are motivated and enjoying your workout. I have had a great experience training with Sean and am looking forward to continuing to train with him.

Raf Malcolm – Personal Training Client

Although I’ve never seen a personal trainer before, I have been very impressed with the guidance and support I’ve gotten in just three sessions with Sean. He has an intuitive understanding of human movement that shines through both in person and in his series of excellent youtube videos. Sean is easy to communicate with, and was able to put together a program perfect for my specific goals. I would recommend him to people at any level of fitness, whether just starting out or looking to maximize their training.

Andrew Hegle – Personal Training Client

Fantastic trainer. From the beginning of our sessions together Sean listened to exactly what I needed as a provincial rugby player and was never afraid to change and improve on my programming. Always around for questions and improving my game in all aspects in the offseason, I couldn’t recommend Sean enough for any athlete who wants to take their game to the next level! 

Nik Hildebrand – Remote Coaching Client

Conditioning Programs for Mixed Modal, MMA and Endurance Athlete

Upside Strength’s conditioning programs help Mixed Modal, MMA and endurance sport athletes get the most out of their training and reach their performance goals. Through a mix of low and high intensity training, these structured programs provide the structure and direction you need to succeed.

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