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I help coaches and athletes

understand & optimize endurance training

I’m a performance coach specialized in conditioning & respiratory training for any athlete or coach looking to optimize their practice. From CrossFitⓇ to Combat and Endurance Sports (Cycling, Running, Triathlon, Swimming, etc…), the principles of endurance apply to all disciplines.

I also act as a consultant and educator for gym owners, sports organisations (regional and national) and coaches wishing to deepen their knowledge & skills, using exercise physiology to bridge the gap between science and practice.

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3 Ways to Work with Me

Upside Strength can help you achieve your goals, whether you're a sport enthusiast, an athlete or a health & fitness professional.

For Athletes

Boost your Endurance & Breathing

With our training programs tailored to your needs, improve your work capacity, recovery & breathing.

Upside Strength Programs

Training programs (cycling, running and more) as well as breathing exercises for any sport enthusiasts and athletes wishing to progress.

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For Coaches

Our Mission is your Development

With Upside Strength's courses, develop your skills and knowledge to better coach and develop your clients, athletes and patients.

Upside Strength Courses

Learn everything you need to know about endurance and breathing to perfect your knowledge and raise your coaching level.

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Physiological Testing

Over 300 Athletes Tested

Measure your physiology so you can work in the right zones to optimise your training and sporting performance.

Upside Strength Testing

Upside Strength physiological profiling allows you to determine your training zones, guide your development and quantify your progress.

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Programs for Athletes

Develop your endurance and breathing performance

Programs athletes upside strength

Training Programs to help you Progress

The Upside Strength Training Programs are designed to help you progress and reach your goals, but that's not all! Thanks to the integrated educational content, you'll understand WHY you're training and HOW to improve your performance over the long term. Don't wait, join over 2000 coached athletes.

Courses for Coaches

Develop your knowledge and skills around endurance and respiratory training

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Cutting-edge Courses to raise your Standards and Services

The Upside Strength courses are formatted to give you the best possible learning environment. Presentations are illustrated and animated with exclusive content to help you understand and apply the principles and methods taught. Join over 2000 trained coaches and take your coaching to the next level!

Physiological Testing

Measure your physiology, determine your training zones & quantify your progress!

Upside Strength Physiological Profiling aims to:

1) Establish the athlete's current physiological profile and identify strengths and weaknesses,
(2) Individualize training intensity and content, and
(3) Quantify adaptations and progress generated by training in future assessments.


What our clients have to say...

Mathieu Upside Strength Review
"I've just finished Sean's online course, and it's exceptional! It summarizes everything you need to understand and master the basics of intensity prescription."
Sports Scientist
Alex Endure Program review
"First, numbers, +20 watts on the 20-minute BikeErg. Level sensations, mentally much stronger. For CrossFit®️, much more speed and gas, transitions are shorter thanks to faster bpm coming down and increased lactic 'resistance'. A much more effective recovery with this famous zone 2 post-session and in active recovery session. If I had to summarize, better performance, improved recovery, and reduced transitions…. Anyway, what are you waiting for to start ;)"
Crossfit® Athlete & Coach
"I did some Wingate work with Sean during the spring of 2022. This work not only made me progress on the BikeErg (+150W on sprints, better tolerance on repeated sprints) but especially in the METCONs. Indeed, I found an excellent transfer on short efforts (Fran type), on the ability to accelerate during an effort and on my ability to switch from one modality to another during an intense effort. I can't recommend it enough!"
Athlete & Coach
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