Provides you with the instructions, advice and follow-up that will help you reach your fitness, health or performance goals. Online coaching services are tailored to competitors willing to improve their performances.

Rates : 350 .- / month

Minimum: 6 months

Availability: FULL

The Upside Strength physiological assessment aims to (1) establish the current physiological profile of the athlete by highlighting his strengths and weaknesses, (2) define his training intensities and training priorities and (3) quantify the adaptations and progress generated by their training program.

Advanced Physiological Profile: 375.-

Basic Physiological Profile: 250.-

The Physiological Assessment is mainly aimed at athletes and people who wish to progress with a scientific and objective approach as well as understand their physiology better.

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Online or face-to-face consulting service aimed mainly at coaches, physical trainers and other professionals in the world of health and/or sports performance.

Rate (online): 200 to 250.- / hour

Use this professional consultation to ask your questions related to your coaching or entrepreneurial activity. The consultation can also cover topics regarding physiological testing and data interpretation (Moxy Monitor, VO2 Master, etc …).

What Clients Say

Sean is simply an outstanding human being who also happens to be an incredible trainer. Being in the gym has never been a happy or comfortable place for me, but through his intuition, deep industry knowledge, and professional rigor, I finish our sessions with joy, pride, and desire to do more. Sessions with Sean can be more than going through the motions of exercise; they are opportunities to grow on a personal level and find better mind/body connection. His commitment to seeing each client as a unique and distinctive person and creating thoughtful and creative solutions that meet their specific needs far exceeds any trainer I have ever worked with. Finding Sean this year has changed my life.

Cynthia Penner – Personal Training Client

Fantastic trainer. From the beginning of our sessions together Sean listened to exactly what I needed as a provincial rugby player and was never afraid to change and improve on my programming. Always around for questions and improving my game in all aspects in the offseason, I couldn’t recommend Sean enough for any athlete who wants to take their game to the next level!

Nik Hildebrand – Personal Training & Remote Coaching Client

Working with Sean has been absolutely life changing. I was incredibly apprehensive about working with a trainer but from day one Sean has been nothing but supportive and a tonne of fun to work with. He takes the time to listen to your goals and ensure that your training plan is customized to meet them. I’ve seen a huge difference in a relatively short period of time and can’t wait to see what I can achieve with Sean moving forward. Most importantly, Sean has removed any anxiety I’ve had about working out in a gym environment and I look forward to my sessions with him every week.

Coralie Wood – Personal Training Client