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Personal Training Reviews

Sean is a top coach that I highly recommend! I have been training with him for 2 months now with the goal of feeling better in my body every day and I feel more motivated than ever. He perfectly knew how to adapt to my level of beginner, each time achieves the feat of making the sessions fun and makes me want to surpass myself week after week (as it was more than 10 years since I no longer practiced any sport … It was not won ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯) Do not hesitate to contact him, he will put his professionalism and good humour at the service of your goals!

Mélina Vigliotta – Personal Training Client

I had an awesome experience training with Sean. He put together a personalized and comprehensive workout plan for my unique goals AND he helped me stay motivated and accountable for the three months that we were working together. Not only is he knowledgeable and has the technical training experience, but also he is down to earth and an overall great guy! I loved that he never lost sight of my vision and goals, and that he was always accessible for quick question or motivational boost. I highly recommend him

Jenn Ske – Personal Training Client

I had a great experience speaking with Sean regarding motivation for fitness. I was struggling getting motivated to do the activity that I really wanted, and Sean had multiple pieces of advice for me. It’s been about a month since then, and I have noticed a significant difference in my motivation. It was only a brief conversation we had, but it made all the difference to me.

Connor McLeod – Fitness Consult Client

Sean is a superb trainer. He’s extremely knowledgeable and explains every move so that I know what I’m doing and why I’m doing it — which is super helpful. His obsession with form is keeping me injury-free. Non-judgemental, encouraging, motivating — I actually look forward to training sessions which is a first! 🙂 And to top it all off, he’s a genuinely nice guy who sincerely cares about his clients’ progress. Looking for a kickass trainer? Sean’s your guy!

Jennifer Dewar – Personal Training Client

Sean is an amazing coach. I use the word coach intentionally because he is far more than a personal trainer. Helping me sort out my goals and priorities inside and outside the gym! Sean listens to your needs and tailors his approach to ensure your success. Because he truly cares that you reach your goals!
Thank you Sean! Your support means the world to me.

Kate McLaughlin – Personal Training Client

Sean is by far the best trainer I have ever had. Extremely knowledgeable, professional, and all around nice guy. It is definitely clear that he only wants the best for his clients. He provides a tremendous value for all the services he offers. If you want to hire one of the best, look no further.

Ricardo Galvan Izado – Personal Training & Remote Coaching Client

I’m 54 and I  came to the realization that my need and desire for fitness, now outweighed the intimidation factor of seeing a personal trainer. I sought out a friend’s advice who had come this same realization a few years earlier.  Sean was recommended.  His patience, personality, persistence and knowledge is an excellent fit for me.  I appreciate the variety of our workout sessions.   Sean’s knowledge to explain why we are doing these exercises (and the order we do them) is another aspect of his training style that increases the value of my sessions. I look forward to my sessions each week; which in my judgement, is the best review I can provide.

Tim Harmer – Personal Training Client

Hard to believe the progress I have made with Sean after only 5 weeks! I’m over 60 and had never been to a gym except for a few months years ago. I play racquet sports and run but I have not done much of either in the last few years because of injury and time constraints. I want to improve my flexibility and increase my strength while learning my way around a gym. I was comfortable with Sean right away- he really listened to what I was looking for during our first meeting and he has been super attentive ever since. He has a great sense of humour, he is patient and supportive and I value not only how he explains what we are doing – he is super knowledgeable- but how he adapts and responds to not only my fitness level, but also my learning style. I really look forward to my sessions because Sean creates a program where each time I can safely push myself in the areas that are becoming more comfortable and/or where I have more abilities, while introducing new exercises to keep moving forward. That helps in staying focused and motivated. I was looking for a personal trainer who could help me with getting back in shape in a gym while staying injury-free and I’m super happy I found Sean!

Marie Dussault – Personal Training Client

I have been training with Sean Seale for about 4 months now, and I don’t regret a single minute of it.  I had a lot of demands for myself when I first met Sean, and he has me on the road to reaching all of my goals!  He starts you off slowly, and is a stickler for doing the exercises with the proper form.  Then, before you know it, you are doing things you never thought possible.  He is extremely patient, encouraging, and passionate about what he does.  He caters exactly to what your individual goals may be.  For me,  the improvement in overall strength and fitness has led to an increase in self-motivation and confidence.

Trevor Baldry – Personal Training Client

Sean is simply an outstanding human being who also happens to be an incredible trainer. Being in the gym has never been a happy or comfortable place for me, but through his intuition, deep industry knowledge, and professional rigor, I finish our sessions with joy, pride, and desire to do more. Sessions with Sean can be more than going through the motions of exercise; they are opportunities to grow on a personal level and find better mind/body connection. His commitment to seeing each client as a unique and distinctive person and creating thoughtful and creative solutions that meet their specific needs far exceeds any trainer I have ever worked with. Finding Sean this year has changed my life.

Cynthia Penner – Personal Training Client

Sean is a beyond amazing trainer. Working out with Sean has been life changing for me. Backstory: Broke my leg/ankle/foot in Dec. 2016. Surgery and 8 months in a cast. The in Sept. 2017, traumatically dislocated my left kneecap. My lower body was destroyed. Gained a lot of weight, lost a lot of muscle. I tried to work out on my own, but was not progressing and was in constant pain. I was at the point of accepting that I would always be limping around in pain…..but then I found Sean! In just over three months, I have gained strength and muscle, I have full range of motion back in my legs, I don’t have to wear a knee brace anymore, and I am now pain free. I cannot thank Sean enough for how much he has helped me. The workouts (in gym and at home) offer great variety and always make me work hard. Sean is patient, but also pushes me, which I really appreciate. He takes the time to check in, and make sure that the work outs match your goals. Sean also helped me to overcome the mental fear of having my knee blow out again. I feel strong and confident again in my legs. Sean really excels at what he does and I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to work with him. Five stars are not enough! I would highly recommend Sean to anyone in search of a trainer!

Whitney MacRae – Personal Training Client

Sean is an excellent trainer. He listened to my specific needs, thoughtfully considered any identified challenges, while providing a balance between positive motivation and accountability. Sean brought a depth of relevant technical knowledge and breadth of education to training which made the sessions fun and interesting! I was able to achieve the results I was looking for, but even more importantly, obtain greater motivation, energy, and balance in my life. I highly recommend Sean if you are looking for results-based positive change

Patricia Rapske – Personal Training Client

Fantastic trainer. From the beginning of our sessions together Sean listened to exactly what I needed as a provincial rugby player and was never afraid to change and improve on my programming. Always around for questions and improving my game in all aspects in the offseason, I couldn’t recommend Sean enough for any athlete who wants to take their game to the next level!

Nik Hildebrand – Personal Training & Remote Coaching Client

Best trainer I’ve ever had. Extremely knowledgeable, motivating, and organized.

Michael Lockhart – Personal Training Client

Sean is an excellent personal trainer who uses his extensive knowledge to put together a program that is perfect for your individual needs. He is very attentive of the details and always creates an environment where you are motivated and enjoying your workout. I have had a great experience training with Sean and am looking forward to continuing to train with him.

Raf Malcolm – Personal Training Client

I worked with Sean for a couple of months last year. smartest thing i ever did with my fitness! he is such a patient AND PROFESSIONAL GUY . thanks for your help pal

Greg Gilding – Personal Training Client

I had such a good session with Sean last week, he really helped me focus on the subtleties of movement. How to breathe with the specific exercise, how to maintain engagement and really showing me the importance of healthy mobility. I look forward to our follow-up sessions! Thanks Sean!

Dominic – Personal Training Client

I’ve been working with Sean for a few months now and it’s been nothing but positive.  With Sean’s help my fitness level has been elevated to a whole new level. He is well informed in his field and has a great attitude.

Kayonee Genest – Personal Training Client

Sean has been an incredible help for me and my fitness. He has helped me with a very detailed and varied workout regime that has made me a healthier, better athlete. He is an incredible man as well and a joy to workout with.

Riley Fergus – Personal Training Client

Sean is a top coach !!! I learned more and understood how to progress in 2 mornings with him more than in 4 years of sport. He is passionate about his job and it shows. His knowledge is immense and he explains each movement extremely clearly, as well as the reasons why each of the exercises is important.
Very attentive, he always keeps an eye on the correct execution of the movements and helps us to correct them until they are perfect. For someone like me who has a tendency to hurt myself it is a must, which is not found by far in all coaches. He is patient, attentive to the specific needs of his customers and very educational. He knows how to motivate and encourage, push to give even more.
Training with him is a real pleasure, because we understand the interest of each part of the program and he knows how to make us progress quickly and achieve our goals.
Thank you Sean for all your precious advice, your explanations, your patience and your commitment! You’re the best!

Véronique Bach – Personal Training Client

J’ai eu la chance de travailler avec Sean durant un mois intensif. Nos sessions étaient principalement axées sur les mouvements d’haltérophilie. Ce mois d’entrainement m’a permis d’augmenter mes records personnels dans les deux mouvements et d’améliorer grandement ma technique pour ceux-cis. Je recommande Sean comme coach pour toutes les personnes souhaitant sérieusement s’impliquer dans un entraînement physique. À l’écoute, il saura vous aider à donner le meilleur de vous-même dans le but d’atteindre vos objectifs, quels qu’ils soient.

Bryan Seale – Personal Training & Remote Coaching Client

Sean has been fantastic! Easy to follow plans that aren’t cluttered with obscure exercises, a nice back to basics with a few modifications here and there to spice up the workouts. Very knowledgeable, and easily accessible to ask questions. Highly recommend working with Sean if you want to achieve your fitness goals, no matter what they are!

Moreno Nonafets – Personal Training Client

I have been working with Sean now for almost 3 years. When we started I had never lifted a weight in my life, I had just dropped my weight from 300 to 225 but I was weak and had no core strength whatsoever….oh and by the way, I was 55 years old when we started. 2 years and 8 months later I am benching over 200 lbs, using 75 lbs for dumbell rows, 35 lbs for bicep curls and I could go on. I am doing things I never imagined I would be doing and have never been injured. My weight has gone up to 240 while my waist has decreased in size. We are now calling my program 6 pack at 60. I do admit I miss the once a week face to face interaction since he moved but I am not sure I would trust anyone else. He knows me and my body as well as how I think so he is able to develop a plan that will be challenging but not overwhelming. One of the nicest guys I have ever met, I would recommend him for anyone but especially beginners like I was when I started.

Roy Falletta – Personal Training & Remote Coaching Client

Sean is great and I feel comfortable working with him. I hate exercising but he makes it manageable haha!

Mac Janet – Personal Training Client

I found Sean on Twitter and thought I’ll give him a try. It was easy to get to know him and share my vision of health with him. Together we work on achievable goals and long term strength and fitness. That was very important to me and for the first time, through his encouragement, I now have a circle of support around me to keep me going. He incorporates a lot more than one weekly workout and has an amazing wealth of knowledge for any and all questions I have had so far. We have only been on this journey for a few months now but I look forward to keeping it going, working through the usual ups and downs. Sean is a great motivator and keeps in touch on an almost daily basis with tips and tricks. I really enjoy his posts on a variety of social media channels so that his advice is usually just a click away. With Sean as my trainer I can actually see long term success in my future. Sean: Thank you

Dorte Kargut – Personal Training Client

Tremendous service from Sean at Upside Strength. He has changed my whole perspective on training and helped me both inside and outside the gym. I like how Sean is very receptive to feedback and will work with you to achieve your goals. In my opinion a good coach is one that is hands on and wants to learn as much as you do, which is exactly what you get when you sign up to train with Sean.

Rory O’Connor – Personal Training & Remote Coaching Client

Sean has been an incredibly supportive, grounding, and deeply inspiring trainer for me. I walked into training with him as a gym-baby, scared and timid about any sort of physical activity – and in response, Sean is always patient and gentle with me while still firmly pushing me to do my best. We never go a session without laughing together, and I can genuinely say working out with him is a delight. Even when all my muscles hurt the day after 😉

Felix Kramer – Personal Training & Remote Coaching Client

I have been working with Sean for 2 months now. As a trainer myself I know the need to have my form looked at from an outsiders view. I strongly believe that everyone, even top athletes need a coach or a trainer to keep them focused on their goals, and help see their form from an a different angle and perspective. This is exactly what Sean has been able to do for me. In the short time he has been training me, I am already seeing tons of improvements, and I am well on my way to the goals he is helping me achieve. He goes above and beyond with his research on the body, and how to do all the progressions for different movements. He is not only making me a better athlete, but also a better trainer. I highly recommend him!!!

Norma Sheane – Personal Training & Remote Coaching Client

Sean has been a tremendous teacher and support through my training sessions and in meeting my goals. I am brand new to strength training and hadn’t been to a gym in over a decade but in the past three months of training with Sean, I have learned proper technique and confidence in myself – to do another rep, add more weight, try a new exercise – that I can bring to life outside of the gym. I really value his patience and positive approach to the work and trust his depth of knowledge that allows him to adapt routines to my goals and abilities. Working with Sean has been one of my best investments. I recommend him to anyone considering a trainer.

Taya Lawton – Personal Training & Remote Coaching Client

I had fitness trainers in the past but none as knowledgeable as Sean. Other trainers would make me do a bunch of exercise routines that weren’t tailored to my needs and I didn’t know what was going on. Sean is a great listener and understands my goals, he does an excellent job at explaining to me how I’ll be able to achieve them. The routine sessions are non rushed and methodical, which is perfect to me, I understand the why’s and how’s of each exercise I need to perform. Sean is the best personal trainer I’ve ever had and I highly recommend him for whatever your fitness goal and level are.

Mehmet I. – Personal Training Client

Working with Sean has been absolutely life changing. I was incredibly apprehensive about working with a trainer but from day one Sean has been nothing but supportive and a tonne of fun to work with. He takes the time to listen to your goals and ensure that your training plan is customized to meet them. I’ve seen a huge difference in a relatively short period of time and can’t wait to see what I can achieve with Sean moving forward. Most importantly, Sean has removed any anxiety I’ve had about working out in a gym environment and I look forward to my sessions with him every week.

Coralie Wood – Personal Training Client

Sean is the best. After hearing so many horror stories of personal trainers from friends, I feel like Sean is a diamond in the rough (and tough). He is friendly, empathetic, yet continues to push me to be better and stronger than I ever thought I could be on my own. He takes great pride in his work, and is very dedicated to his clients. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a personal trainer.

Katie Lush – Personal Training Client

Sean Seale at Upside Strength is hands down the best personal training experience I have ever had. And I have had a few! He is brilliant, thorough, hardworking, he leads by example every time and every day, and he’s dedicated to teaching you in the most scientifically accurate way possible every time. Sean has taught me that being physically active isn’t just an aesthetic thing but actually something that substantially improves your life overall. Sean is priceless, fun to be around, and he never gives up on his clients. Go see Sean, everyone. You will be very pleased with every session you have with him. Thank you for your dedication, Sean!

Amy Sture – Personal Training & Remote Coaching Client

Sean is an amazing trainer. He really takes the time to get to know your strengths, your weaknesses and what you want out of your workout. Everything is tailored to your needs. Plus he’s super friendly!

Jessica Baese – Personal Training Client

Sean is a really attentive, technical and friendly personal trainer. One of the things I really appreciate about Sean is how he was able to spot minor errors in my technique (that I have been doing wrong and no other trainer had mentioned/fixed) which has tremendously made a difference in my workouts. He is also a very good listener in terms of what goals you want to reach and really puts in the effort to tailor the workouts so that you can do them on your own and see the results for yourself. He is also very organized!

Sanalta De – Personal Training Client

Sean is one of the best private trainers I’ve ever had. Competent, patient, perseverant, funny, he makes our sessions a true pleasure. He brings so much knowledge to the table and his approach to working with me, even with prior injuries, has given me strength, mobility, better technique and helped me regain confidence in my ability to exercise and lift weights without injuring myself again.

Noemie Crepeau – Personal Training Client

Sean is an excellent trainer. His ability to adapt with the different needs of his clients, while working too enhance performance truly makes him remarkable.

Chayanne Khodabandeh – Personal Training Client

I’ve been training with Sean for a couple of months now, and am really enjoying the experience.  He is extremely knowledgeable about how the body work, and obviously has put a lot of thought and experience into tailoring a specific training program based on my goals, training availability, and abilities.  I’ve noticed gains in strength already, and feel that I’m more energetic since I started training.  Highly recommended – but be prepared to work hard!

Steve Coventry – Personal Training Client

For my part, first experience with a coach. For the novice that I am, he knows how to adapt perfectly, the goals are defined in advance and are never lost sight of.
I appreciate the kindness, the professionalism which he shows not only during the sessions but also the follow-up between each session. Sean keeps me motivated and demonstrates that it is possible to surpass yourself. Very professional without being boring. After two months, I still feel motivated and more comfortable on a daily basis (however the idea of getting up to be in a gym at 9am on Saturday mornings did not connect me more than that, basically ).
I recommend him without any hesitation to anyone who wants to start training, whatever their goals.
Nice meeting as much humanly as sportingly.

Mounir Boudra – Personal Training Client

Online Coaching Reviews

Sean really gave me the guidance and confidence I needed to get in shape. Kept me motivated, and constantly checked up on my needs! Thank you Sean!

Jida Antar – Remote Coaching Client

Sean is a remarkable coach who listens to his clients. I regained a taste for sport thanks to him. I really like her exercises and I am diligent … 3 x / week for 6 months.
Suddenly, flat stomach like at 20 years and hellish fishing …
My bad circulation in the legs is an old memory and especially:
soaring chronic back pain!
So thank you Sean for your well adapted program

Claire Anne Willemin – Remote Coaching Client

I’ve been training with Sean for ten months. I had the opportunity to try the online formula, from a distance, as well as to train face to face with him.
In both cases, I was really won over. First of all I was able to reach my various objectives fairly quickly because nothing escapes his eye and in a few words, some well placed examples, Sean corrects and adjusts with precision.
I really liked the adaptive approach he had. He does not tend to impose a rigid form. On the contrary, before proposing an exercise or an improvement, he always begins by listening to what I have to say and where I am in my feelings before speaking to him to propose something. It’s super healthy in the end and I liked it. Sean is able to easily go from a beginner level to a very advanced level where the only limits that remain are our own limits. The icing on the cake, it has the foundation of a complete and holistic approach to self-improvement that it links wonderfully with sport. Always able to take a step back to see things from a constructive angle and by considering training as a whole and not simply as repetitions to be performed.

Well, I think it’s all said: Sean is a very good coach.

Martin Arnoux – Remote Coaching Client

Sean is a great personal trainer. His programs are adapted to each according to their needs, objectives and desires. He is always attentive and looking to improve thanks to the client’s feedback. In addition, he it is flexible and highly available which makes communication and interaction easy to progress quickly and efficiently. Since I started working with Sean I see very clearly my progress and can only recommend his services which are excellent!

Mathias Brutsch – Remote Coaching Client

We are talking about the pregnancy pounds of mothers but there are also dads. Sean Seale knew how to concoct a program adapted to my needs and especially to the time available! In 3 months I saw my physical condition improve and my little wife is delighted with the result. With his concept, “coach” was motivating and professional.

Axel Bapst – Remote Coaching Client

Sean is a coach who is able to adapt to everyone, from the elite athlete to the novice. In addition, he is very attentive and able to adapt the training to schedules load the most without neglecting the quality. Soon 6 months of collaboration and I’m not ready to stop it.

Julien Rolaz – Remote Coaching Client & Team

Sean is an excellent coach and especially attentive. He has adapted to specific needs and to complex and changing schedules. Always available, his tips are valuable and useful for progress. He knows how to manage the needs of a person as well as a group. I can testify to having seen him evolve in both contexts! I highly recommend him !!!!

Geraud d’Espinay saint luc – Remote Coaching Client & Team

Coaching service that I recommend without hesitation! I am starting the 3rd month of online coaching and I am impressed by my progress and especially by my discipline. This is not the first time I have worked with a coach but I have never been that motivated before. Together we have set achievable goals that fit my professional (travel) and personal (rugby matches) agenda. Skeptical at first glance by the “online” formula it is actually perfect for me. Sean is responsive, the program can be adapted at any time and I have no appointment to add to my already loaded agenda. Sean is professional, responsive, encouraging and attentive. He manages to convince me that I can do more and better. In the end I see that every time, he is right. An excellent investment for my health!

Aline Duperrex – Remote Coaching Client

A real discovery working with Sean, a coach who listens to his customers and who adapts to all circumstances! Even during my military service, he was able to put me in place a solid and diverse program! A real added value brought in correlation with the objectives set!

Roméo Vuadens – Remote Coaching Client & Team

Amazing coaching session taking into account your situation. Very personalized approach and very conscious about the pastoral side of coaching and well being. Super professional service! Would highly recommend to anyone!

Matt Svennington – Remote Coaching Client & Team

Rugby Strength & Conditioning Reviews

Great coaching from Sean, I’ve seen my fitness going up since he has started training us at my rugby club.

He is very technical in his way of explaining and very easy to understand. Always positive mind and adapts himself depending on what time profile he has in front of him.

I highly recommend his services! Thanks Sean for what you have brought up to me/us

Alexandre Coulon – RC Nyon player

Sean is an excellent coach who knows how to meet the expectations of the team. He is 100% invested in the club and puts on effective and constructive exercises.

I recommend it to anyone motivated to progress

Santiago Marine – RC Nyon player

Super physical trainer at the rugby club of Nyon.
Passionate and knows his subjects very well. A beautiful person to listen and very invested in his work.Passionate and exciting

Mieszko Dao – RC Nyon Player

I have been trained by Sean and I really appreciated his way to set up organize and ensure we progress. I think its international experience give an other dimension to its coaching approach and exercise. Without a doubt I recommend him for people looking for physical preparation

Bruno Roussel – RC Nyon player

Sean is an excellent coach. He has put in place a physical preparation that was well timed, precise, varied but never losing sight of the final goal. In the end, the results are there!

Do not hesitate to contact him!

Thibaut Hennel – RC Nyon Player

Sean is a very pro person and above all good advice! I play rugby Nyon and it’s our physical trainer. We have seen that good since his arrival in the Club.

I recommend it so without hesitation!

Quentin Da Silva – RC Nyon player

Sean is an expert professional sports coaching which he perfectly masters every aspect.

His preparations are of considerable benefit both physically and mentally!

I highly recommend it.

Allan Cambin – RC Nyon player

Events & Other Reviews

Sean is a coach who really knows it! He helped me a lot during my preparation for the world parkour championships. It is one of the reasons that made me arrive in the top 8 in the world ranking! And he is especially passionate about what he does. Continuously looking for better ways to train. With him you will reach your goals!

Valentin Dubois – Upside Strength Follower

All I can say is Sean is a gentlemen of the fitness industry. After seeing a post in a group I asked him for some information, he responded, delivered and gave lots of time and effort to all my questions. As someone in the industry that is looking to find there way, it was a breath of fresh air for someone to deliver on what they had said without looking for anything back in return. Thanks a lot Sean.

Daniel McCormack – Upside Strength Follower

Sean is a part of the “Ask an Expert” series of professionals who are invited to the SportChek Flagship store on Robson Street to speak with our staff about health and wellness. He has been a guest on several occasions and continues to return by popular demand. Sean’s knowledge and expertise combined with his approachability and genuine care for his clients shines through consistently; he is a very genuine and authentic person (often hard to come by these days)! We look forward to working further with Sean.

Donna Murray – Event Manager

Sean Seale, they say celebrate the small stuff. I just ran the 5k MEC road race one 2019, placed 3rd in my division and 10th overall with a new PR- 18:45 at 3:45/k pace . Although you don’t train me directly (I “train myself”) I have to say that over the years I’ve gained a lot from picking your brain/chatting with you as a friend. From diet to heart rate training and stretching etc. your imparted wisdom has definitely affected/my training and recovery. Thanks Bro!

Andy Willis – Upside Strength Follower