As Flexible As Possible

Online coaching provides a personalized program that meets your needs without having to meet your coach in person.

The program is designed around your weekly schedule so that each session can be easily integrated into your everyday life. No need to tear your hair out to coordinate schedules with your coach!

Whether you are in the gym during your lunch break, at home in the evening, on a business trip or in the mountains on weekends, the plan adapts to you.

Our remote monitoring system allows you to access your program from your smartphone or from your computer at any time. If you’re not sure what to do, each exercise has a video demonstration directly integrated into the program.

Clear And Dynamic Communication

The program details for you the order of the exercises, the series and the repetitions to be performed, as well as all the information that will allow you to progress from week to week.

To keep you motivated and committed, your coach contacts you at least twice a week. He makes sure everything goes as planned and helps you organize your training week according to your schedule.

To help you reach your goals efficiently and without wasting time, you will send videos to your coach every week and receive technical feedback that will allow you to progress and avoid injuries.

“It is not only a question of accountability – it is a question of encouragement, confidence, flexibility and motivation. Sean’s online coaching gives me all five!

The regular check-ins and the flexible programming allow me to remain productive even when I can’t complete my regular fitness sessions. Why do it alone when you can have someone in your corner rooting for you! Sean is reliable, communicative and a positive force for my health.”

Felix Kramer
Video Game Developer, Ontario (CA)

But What Is Online Coaching?

A Free Consultation

  • Define your goals and a path to achieve them
  • Talk about your personal journey and your physical abilities
  • Learn more about your lifestyle, to create a plan that is suitable for YOU

The First Steps

  • Initial physical tests (adapted to your level)
  • Body measurements (to quantify your progress)
  • Planning the training schedule

A Personalized Program

  • A training plan adapted to your schedule
  • Sessions and exercises in line with your goals
  • A new program every month

“My previous workout routine was boring and I didn’t have to the motivation to make another one myself. I needed something new and targeted.

This online coaching method keeps me engaged with all the follow up that’s included. Sending videos each week helps me do the exercises correctly and stay on track.”

Matias Rivero
IT Technician, Miami (USA)

Close Monitoring

  • An online tracking sheet (accessible on smartphone)
  • WhatsApp check-in 2x per week to keep you motivated
  • Video feedback of your exercises to correct / improve your technique

Detailed Instructions

  • Video demonstrations for all the exercises of the program
  • Details of reps, series, etc. included in the program
  • Exercise progression every week to ensure your progress

100% Access To Your Coach

  • Continuous access via WhatsApp
  • Holidays on the horizon? An injury? We modify the program for you
  • You will never be ALONE or LOST with the program
Greg Aeschimann

“What I like about this way of working is that it adapts to any lifestyle. It doesn’t matter if you have a “9-5”, whether you work irregular hours or work weekends, the program adapts to you and it is not you who must adapt to the program.

You don’t have to think: your sessions are created for you, you adapt each week to your schedule and then you just have to DO IT.”

Grégory Aeschimann
Airline Pilot, Genève (CH)

How Much Does It Cost?


Free Trial

Free Trial








4-week training plan

Personalized programming

Competition prep, etc...

Digital Support (4 weeks)




6-month commitment

Assessments and benchmarks

Individualized program each month

Online progress tracking

Video feedback

WhatsApp check-ins 2x/wk

Continued digital support





6-month commitment

Same as "Online Coaching"

Individual nutrition plan

Diet and lifestyle recommendations

“I practice various sports like running, Crossfit, cycling and more. I don’t lack motivation but I needed to learn how to structure and organise my training schedule.

Online coaching is the ideal solution for all athletes wishing to make their training more effective and measure their performance while working under the watchful eye of an expert.”

Julien Rolaz
Wine Economist, Vaud (CH)