Maximum heart rate

Maximum Heart Rate: The COMPLETE Guide

With the popularization of heart rate monitors, more and more athletes are paying attention to this physiological measurement. But what about maximum heart rate? What’s the best way to calculate (or measure) your maxHR? And is it possible to increase your maximum heart rate with training? The answer to this last question will undoubtedly surprise … Read more

Lactate Threshold Interpretation Methods

Have you heard terms such as Log-Log, Dmax, or OBLA when talking about lactate threshold interpretation? In this article, I’ll be walking you through the different existing methods to find lactate threshold during a lactate threshold step test. The many lactate threshold interpretation methods may seem confusing at first, and that’s because they are! I … Read more

Understanding the Lactate Threshold

What is the Lactate Threshold?

As an athlete/coach, you’ve surely heard the term “Lactate Threshold” before. But can you actually define it, explain why it’s important, and tell me how to find it? Understanding key concepts of endurance training such as the lactate threshold, vo2max, and Zone 2 training will help you stay engaged in your training as an athlete. … Read more

Why lactate rises during exercise

High Lactate Levels During Exercise: What Causes Them? (Lactate Made Simple)

Welcome, coaches and athletes! Are you looking to improve your performance and better understand the human body during exercise? Look no further! In this article, we will try to better understand what triggers high lactate levels during exercise. The body produces and uses lactate during exercise. We will explore what lactate is, the different roles … Read more

Fat burning, fat oxidation and endurance

Fat Oxidation Explained: How To Make Your Body Burn More Fat Than Sugar During Exercise

Fat oxidation is a process in which the body breaks down lipids, releasing energy to fuel your performance. But why is using fat as a fuel important for endurance performance? How does your body decide to use fats rather than sugars? And how can you develop your fat oxidation capacity to boost your fuel efficiency … Read more

Complete guide to the concept 2 bike erg

BikeErg Guide: How to Get the Most Out of Your Concept 2 Bike

If you are looking to learn about the Concept 2 Bike (called the BikeErg), you’ve come to the right place. The BikeErg is a fantastic training tool to improve your conditioning for many sports including CrossFit, MMA cycling, and even running. I’ve had great success using it with many clients and athletes over the years. … Read more

Tempo Runs Protocol For Rugby Conditioning

“Tempo runs” were popularized by the famous sprint coach Charlie Francis who used this training method to condition his sprinters. This method was taken over and adapted to rugby union successfully by rugby strength coach Keir Wenham-Flatt during his contract with the Pumas of Argentina before the 2007 World Cup. The tempo method allows you … Read more

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