Where Are You
Sean: I’m in the main lobby. Where are you?

Maureen: I’m here as well.
Sean: I’m sitting on the bench opposite the front desk.
Maureen: So am I.
I pick up the phone and call her.
“Where are you exactly?"
Maureen had gone to the wrong location. She had actually responded to the change of location via email but had no recollection. Self described “blonde and busy” she said "you can’t change the location on me, even if I do confirm by email", she laughed. This week we were at least both at a gym, albeit different gyms which was an improvement over the previous week.

Maureen had already cancelled our first appointment. She said she was spending time "back to the bedroom" but not for the reason you might think. She mentioned injury, doctors and cortisone injection. I did not ask. 
But this time I was determined to make it work and so was she. So after some time spent on the phone and on the road, we were both finally at the same gym. 
If you missed last week’s blog about Maureen’s upper body strength training plan, click here.
Once we were on the gym floor, we didn’t waste any time. We went through all the exercises of the program, making sure Maureen knew how to perform them safely. Maureen noted that there were quite a few men in the gym and thought it would be a great way for her female listeners to meet them. Ladies, what are you waiting for?
When she got down to it, she was very attentive and made my job easy by practicing the movements I was demonstrating with great form. 
After some miscommunication and a few laughs, this introductory session set a solid starting point for her upper body strength program. Over the next few weeks, I will meet with her at regular intervals to check her progress and to make sure she is still performing all the movements safely.

Back On The Air

This Sunday was my second appearance on the CKNW Sunday Night Sex Show with Maureen McGrath. You can listen to the recording in the player below.
Once on the air, Maureen shared her impressions of the program with the listeners. She was happy to “start slow” which set the tone for a steady build up over the coming weeks. She was also happy not to be excessively sore after the first day, although she said she “felt some muscles that hadn’t been worked before”.
You can contact my fellow guests:
-Jennifer Logan-Manzer, Bridal/Fashion Consultant at West Coast Wedding Services, and
-Mimi Lauzon, 
conscious dating coach and matchmaker.

Tracking Your Progress

We then talked about how to track your progress on a fitness program.
There are many ways you can use to measure your progress:

  1. Bodyweight (scale)
  2. Body measurements
  3. Calipers (body fat measurement)
  4. Before/after pictures
  5. Numbers in the gym (weight lifted or timed trials)
  6. How you feel
  7. How your clothes fit...
  8. ...

...the list goes on.
As you may have heard on last week’s show, you should have a precise goal when starting an exercise program. 
Maybe you want to “fit in THAT dress again”, "lose 10 lbs" or "have more muscle definition and strength" in your upper body. As Maureen pointed out, maybe some people would like that “strut your stuff” body. (She’s the sexpert). Be sure to pick the unit that will reflect those changes the most accurately (in the examples I cited you would use 7, 1 and 4/5, respectively). 
However, the more ways you have of tracking your progress, the more likely you are to stay motivated even when you reach a plateau. Let me give you an example.

Although you want to lose 10 lbs, your bodyweight isn’t dropping as fast as you want it to. But when you look in the mirror you’re pleased to notice some definition on your arms and stomach and feel much more energetic in your day to day activities. In this case, the scale doesn’t give us the whole picture. 


 Weight Loss Jeans

Wrapping Up

 Before you get started on an exercise plan, take a few minutes to measure/weigh/photograph yourself so you have a few different points to refer back to as you progress through the program.
Don’t get discouraged by plateaus - they happen and are part of the process. Embrace these “hard times” by staying dedicated to your long term goal. Be patient and consistent.
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Sean is a personal trainer and online coach based in Vancouver, BC. He focuses on beginner strength training and online programming for recreational lifters and athletes. He believes in the value of hard work when applied to a smart training program. Sean has a keen eye for good movement and encourages a positive lifestyle to support good training results.

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