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Most of us spend the majority of our effort and money on physical and technical training - including coaches, gear, gym memberships, and recovery. But it is said that in sports, 90 percent of the performance is mental.

An increasing number of elite athletes are incorporating mindfulness, yoga, meditation and other practices into their training regiment. Through those means, they are strengthening the mind-body connection, hoping to get an edge on their competitors.

By focusing on the right thinking patterns and practicing simple mind exercises, you could unlock new frontiers in your performance, both in sports and in life.

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Mind Game #1: Win the day    
Yesterday and tomorrow don’t matter. The here and now is the only thing you have power over. Don’t waste your time. Focus on what really matters: today.

Do your best to win each day as you live through it. Apply this attitude to all aspects of your life.

Mind Game #2: Visualize
Put yourself in your future shoes by visualizing experiences in 3-D from the first-person point of view. “See it, feel it and enjoy it”.

Create a clear mental image and powerful physical feeling on what you want to accomplish. Include sounds, smells, feelings and emotions to increase the clarity of your images.  

Mind Game #3: Body Language
The way you hold yourself will influence your mindset and even your hormones. Looking like a winner will help you play like a winner. 

Stand tall, smile, keep your chin up, your shoulders back and walk strong. 

Mind Game #4: Can you live by these rules?

  1. Life is not fair
  2. The goal posts move
  3. There are no guarantees
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Mind Game #5: Be your champion today
There will never be a better time and place than right here and right now to become a champion in your own game and life.

Take a few minutes today to close your eyes and imagine a major performance breakthrough has just happened and that you have become a champion all day, every day. 

Mind Game #6: “Fake it until you make it"
Your mindset and thoughts determine your reality. You can imagine whatever you want and if you stick with it long enough, it will soon become who you are.

Each day, be focused, energized, confident and in charge. Be the person you WANT to be. Don’t wait. Do it now. 

Mind Game #7: Daily Tasks
At sunrise, ask yourself, “How will I be a champion today?"
At sunset, ask yourself, “How was I a champion today?" 

Mind Game #8: Self-talk
Learn to identify your own negative and self-defeating thoughts to gain control of your thinking process. Monitor what you tell yourself because thoughts determine feelings, and feelings influence performance.  

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Mind Game #9: Breathe
Practice deep breathing to enhance your mental training. Simply focus on prolonged exhalation to help relax your body and mind.

Your mind becomes more powerful as it becomes quieter and clearer. 


And like everything else meaningful in life, change doesn't happen in a day.
“As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives”
-Henry David Thoreau
Sean is a Strength & Conditioning Coach based in Vancouver, BC. He focuses on beginner strength training and online programming for recreational lifters and athletes. He believes in the value of hard work when applied to a smart training program. Sean has a keen eye for good movement and encourages a positive lifestyle to support good training results.

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