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When I was a younger, I hated Sundays. The sun was always shining outside, the playgrounds were ready to be conquered. But all my friends were always busy and could never come outside to play. I hated it. 
I would try to call them but they all answered with “We’re having a family lunch” or “My grandma’s here so I can’t play outside today”. It drove me crazy. Sundays felt like such a waist of time. I just wanted the week to skip from Saturday to Monday so I didn’t have to sit on the couch, looking outside at the sunset, wondering what to do with myself.

But there’s one think I hate more than my Sundays as a kid: people getting injured in the gym.

Regardless of how well you’re prepared or how precise you are in your training, there is always a small chance that something might go wrong which will put you on the sidelines for a while. But if you're consistently getting hurt in the gym, you have to face the facts:

You're doing something wrong.


3 Great Ways To Avoid Injuries In The Gym

No matter what your goals are, your time in the gym should always be focused on at least 2 things:

  1. help you prevent injuries, and
  2. increase your performance in your chosen discipline. 

To make sure you don't get hurt in the process, be sure to put in practice the following points.

1. Learn how to lift/move/train with good technique. This is extremely important. Rushing through the basics to work on what looks "more fun" or “cooler” is a great way to get injured. Even if it doesn’t happen right away, bad technique will often limit your long term progress and increase your chances of getting hurt in the future. Build a solid foundation of technique and movement before increasing the training load or progressing the movements.

2. Focus on your recovery. It’s not about how much you train, it’s about how much you can recover from. The better your recovery is, the better you will perform in the gym and the better results you will get from it. Hydration, sleep, stress levels, stretching/mobility work and nutrition all play a role here. 

3. Listen to your body. We aren’t professional athletes. Most of us have jobs, families and a social life to take care of. Simply realize that your schedule doesn’t revolve around training and accept the fact that you won’t always be feeling great when you hit the gym. If you haven’t slept because the baby was up all night or if you’re really stressed out from work, take it easy in the gym. Take some weight off, practice your technique and focus on the details.

Stretching In The Grass 
Take a long term approach to your fitness and strength goals. Focus on being consistent and making slow, controlled progress rather than looking for instant gratification on a daily basis. 
"No great thing is suddenly created" - Epictetus
If you want to begin your fitness journey, contact me today so we can discuss your options and find the best plan to fit your needs.

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Sean is a Strength & Conditioning Coach based in Vancouver, BC. He focuses on beginner strength training and online programming for recreational lifters and athletes. He believes in the value of hard work when applied to a smart training program. Sean has a keen eye for good movement and encourages a positive lifestyle to support good training results.

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