A Safe Approach To Training

The most important aspect of weight training for beginners is safety. When you train alone, it's hard to judge you own form and make corrections on the fly. Your chances of getting hurt are likely to increase if you keep training with less-than-ideal technique.

By working with an experienced weight training coach, you will keep progressing without exposing yourself to potential setbacks. This approach will give you the best long-term results and preserve your overall health and joint function.

Weight Training For Beginners

 Perfect For Beginners

We created this training program with simplicity in mind. Each movement is accessible to all levels, even if you've never stepped foot into a gym before. We can accommodate your level of comfort and provide you when the best learning opportunity possible by modifying the movements at any point in time.

The training is challenging enough to provide you with serious results, but not harder than it needs to be. Often, "less is more" when it comes to weight training for beginners. You don't need to feel like you've been run over by a train every time you leave of the gym.

Personalized Programming

When it comes to training, your needs are different than anybody else's. That's why our individualized approach is so effective. We take into account all aspects of your life to make sure that the program is tailors to YOU.

Generic programs don't have their place at Upside Strength. Even individual sessions can be modified right then and there when you are working with a professional trainer. Missing a session because you hurt your ankle playing soccer or because your hand is sore will never be an issue again.

Results-Driven Approach

 Our system has helped many clients reach their goals by using strength training in a simple and safe way. The videos below display clients of varying ages and backgrounds, many having very little experience with weight training prior to joining Upside Strength. 

Positive Environment

You won't have to worry about negativity or useless criticism during our training sessions. Mistakes are opportunities to learn and improve. All your concerns will be addressed and your questions will be answered. 

This positive environment extends to the support system that you will receive, which includes a Facebook group, online tracking of your workouts and access to your trainer via email.


"Hi, I'm Sean

Online Fitness Coaching. My sports background is in Rugby, Weightlifting, and Indoor Rowing. I founded Upside Strength and work with a variety of clients, from endurance athletes to moms, all on a mission to get live better and stronger lives.

With a busy family life to keep up with, I have a minimalist approach to training. I don’t think that more is better. That’s why I like to focus on efficient training methods that will provide you with the best results for the least amount of time spent in the gym.

I hope to hear from you soon so we can talk about your goals in detail and establish a game plan to get you started in the best way possible!"

  Weight Training For Beginners

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